Finding your spiritual path and walking it, in the light of Tantra

Radu Nichitescu

What makes a true spiritual seeker, and how can we move from a social interest in spirituality to a profound and constantly transformative spiritual life? In the absence of a path, we mostly depend on external, circumstantial experiences to touch our heart and our soul is like a flower trying to grow in the arid desert. But when we walk the path, our spiritual growth becomes sustained and systematic and our soul is like the rich, fragrant rose which blossoms in the fertile soil of a skilful gardener. 

In this event we’ll present the perspectives and tools that Tantra offers on finding and walking a real spiritual path.


Radu began his spiritual quest early on in his life which led him to wanting to become a monk, spending time in Eastern Christian monasteries and practicing hesychasm. 

He has a degree in religious studies and is fascinated with both eastern and western esoteric traditions and mystical practices. 

After encountering Tantra 15 years ago, he has dedicated his life to this path – which he sees as the most complete spiritual path. He has been teaching for more than 10 years.

https://tantrayogathailand.com ,
https://www.facebook.com/tantrayogachiangmai, https://www.instagram.com/tantrayogachiangmai

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