Feng Shui to Bring Balance to your Life

Saikarn Karnchanapaisal

Our surroundings are important, they affect our energy and how we live. During recent times we have all been spending far more time at home, so creating a supportive space has become even more important.

Join Saikarn for this session which will give you insight and practical information which you can implement to optimise the energy flow in your home space.

Please prepare for the session by the orientation of your home, using a compass (available on your phone). You will gain knowledge of how Feng Shui impacts your living space, and how to activate yearly good luck and avoid inauspicious energy flow.

Saikarn has 30 years experience in the practice of Chinese Metaphysics, which includes Fengshui, Chinese Fortune tellers (BaZi), Face Reading and Signature Reading. Fengshui is one of the top methods that support people and their family to have good life in terms of wealth, health , relationships, etc.

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