Fast Track Technique Transformation Sessions

Jaz Goven

Condensed life readings and clearings based on subconscious programing and traumas. These readings show the client their immediate past (where they  have just come from),  present (where they are now), immediate future (what is possible NOW, their ‘life lesson’ (where they need to focus) and the Outcome (what ‘else’ is possible when aligned with that).  

I use Psy Cards for the reading and the Fast Track Technique system to release the blocks resistance and trauma which is in the way of the Desired Outcome.

These readings and clearings go super deep, can be life changing and always enlightening.

About Jaz:

For over two decades jaz has been dedicated to guiding people on their transformative journeys.   Her path into the world of healing was a personal one, born out of her own  needs. Along the way she discovered a natural to assist others in finding what they needed most. Immersing in diverse healing modalities, Jaz garnered certifications in NLP, EFT, Body Talk, Kinesiology, Reiki, and more. Despite their effectiveness, a longing for a comprehensive system persisted. Answering divine guidance, Fast Track Technique (FTT) came to life.

FTT was the culmination of everything that has worked for Jaz personally, a unique transformational system without boundaries. As you embrace it, you’ll find that it expands along with you, unveiling new possibilities and untapped potential. FTT’s magic lies in uncovering negative subconscious programming and reshaping it into your desired reality.

It’s quick, it’s potent, it’s straightforward, it’s effortless, and yes, it’s totally enjoyable! Remember, the only thing that’s bound to change is your life.



My name is Valeria Kechichian, I was born in Argentina 41 years ago and have been living in Europe for the past 20 years.

I was always able to read people’s energy and in 2017 my amazing teacher Rebeca Lacasa introduced me to the Akashic Records, which changed my life forever. Since then, I’ve been assisting the healing process of many people around the world.

I share what I channel, spiritual knowledge, healing techniques, tips to live more consciously and guided meditations in a bimonthly newsletter called AKASHA (akasha.substack.com).

I also run my non-profit Longboard Women United that brings basic aid, healing and empowerment into some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. Some of our programs run in India, Malaysia and Belgium.

This work has been featured in all major media worldwide and I’ve given two TEDx Talks.

Assisting and in-service of the Planetary ascension process.

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