Farmacy Garden: Grow Medicinal Herbs In Your Home

Abhi & Avika Narula

Ever wanted to grow medicine in your own home?

In our workshop, we’ll guide you through how to apply the principles of permaculture to grow medicinal herbs right in your home. You’ll learn how to design your living space, be it an apartment or house, to cultivate herbs that enhance your meals and purify the air, all while adhering to sustainable and self-sufficient gardening practices.

You’ll go home with a medicinal herb kit to kick-start your journey.

Abhi Agarwal & Avika Narula – we are permaculture designers who run a regenerative farm called Sunshine Permaculture in Chiang Mai.

We design landscapes for both human health and ecosystem health. We work to improve agricultural practices in Thailand and restore landscapes that are degraded to be productive and provide nutrition and medicine for those living on it or near it. We consult for soil restoration and landscape restoration and sell vegetables across Thailand.


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