Energy Rebirth Breathwork Journey

Rachel Constantino

Join us for an empowering breathwork ceremony and unlock the extraordinary potential within your own breath. Through the practice of conscious connected breathing, you will be guided on a transformative journey to release unprocessed emotions, heal emotional wounds, and dispel limiting thoughts. This workshop weaves together meditation, movement & sound healing to make this a truly holistic experience for your overall well-being.

This workshop is your opportunity to shed heavy emotional burdens, clear your mind of constraints, and reclaim your inner strength. 🌈🌱 Step into a safe and supportive space as you explore, heal, and rejuvenate. Join us on this profound journey to embrace your emotions and rediscover your innate power.

Rachel is a Breathwork Therapist, Nervous System Reregulation Coach, and accredited EFT practitioner with a passion for helping people lead more joyful and stress-free lives. With over 13 years of experience holding space for transformation, she creates safe, therapeutic spaces for her clients to get deeply in touch with their emotions and feeling centers so that they can release past burdens and move into a brighter future.

Rachel specializes in helping people heal emotional wounds and reset the nervous system through natural and holistic methods, bringing a sense of peace, safety, love, and joy to every situation

She empowers her clients to create harmony between their hearts and minds, enabling them to access their highest selves and bring their soul missions to life.

For more information on Rachel and her work, visit her website at


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