Emer-gizes' Meridian Energy Based Exercises

Paul Emery

Would you like to boost and balance your energy? Improve your overall wellbeing?

With elements of easy to perform, standing light self-shiatsu, chi-gong, EFT tapping & energy medicine exercises, this popular, fun class helps strengthen and heal both your mind and body!

Created by Paul Emery over 20 years ago at the famous Chiva-Som International Health Resort

Emer-gizes will help:

Gently stimulate and tonify your muscular, internal and meridian energy systems (chi)  

Boost your natural energy flow and metabolism

Reduce toxins and lymphatic congestion

Refresh your mind and body

Combat stress and fight mental and physical exhaustion

Reduce aches and pains 

Gently improve your levels of stamina, fitness and muscle tone

Lightly burn calories and promote weight loss

Benefit all your internal organs and improves lymphatic and circulatory systems

Help blood pressure and balance your (ANS) autonomic nervous system

Boost your immune system

Increase and stimulate a correct and stronger energy flow

Improve balance, coordination and concentration

Promote clarity of thought, focus, concentration, brain synchronization

and more….


Paul Emery has been a holistic therapist since 1994. 

Creator of his signature treatment – ‘The Peaceful Mind Solution’  which incorporates NLP, EFT, TFT, Energy Medicine and Havening Techniques. 

He’s worked for Chiva-Som International Health Resort as a full-time team member then consultant therapist since 2002.

Also worked out of over 20 other international health resorts and spas from Australia to Mexico with companies such as Mandarin Oriental, Aman and Six Senses.

Paul has helped 1000’s  of clients overcome emotional distress including royalty, doctors and rock stars.

He’s co-author of 2 Amazon bestselling books with Jack Canfield & Brian Tracy,

A ‘Global Wellness Day’ featured speaker. 

Featured by Fox, Sky, Australia’s Channel 9, Vogue, Forbes, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, OK! Hello, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and the Bangkok Post.


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