Ecstatic Dance


You will move freely and dance as beautiful melodies take you on a journey with the power of heart opening ceremonial cacao at this special celebratory ecstatic dance to close a 2 day full immersion at the Mind Body Spirit. Express yourself fully!

Prepare for an ecstatic, bare feet dance! 

Keep your phone off and outside, no photos or videos

No talking on the dance floor

A journey without mind altering substances (no alcohol/drugs) 

Dance like nobody’s watching! There is no judgement on the dancefloor 

Ceremonial Cacao will be available for purchase 15 mins before the dance. 


With melting the boundaries of world, folk, ethno, tribal shamanic, medicine sacral music and electronica, SavaBorsa blends organic acoustic sounds with tasty electronics and nature elements in their songs and live/dj sets. 

Since their late 2019 debut on NUMA they are constantly co-creating with handpan artists and singers like Marlia, Andrea Szabadi, Nalini Blossom, Arnaldo Herrera, Julia Chants resulting remixes (for Jungle Kitchen too) and a new EP called Vibración on Mose’s label Resueño. SavaBorsa is a duo originally from Budapest, Feri (La Funte) keeps his salt cave as a base for sound journeys and healthy juices since 2002, however Gábor lives in Ubud, Bali since 2020. 

They organised “Rise In Love”, an alcohol free conscious cacao dance gathering for 500 souls in the autumn of 2021 and summer of 2022 in Hungary, inviting Mose to the country for both times.

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