Deep Dive Into Love

Shari Adler

Is Love something you run towards or away from? 

Do you get giddy at the thought of love or a little nauseous when others speak about it? 

Do you want to dive in and understand more about yourself, and the mysteries, delights and difficulties that are related to love? 

One of the key ingredients to being successful in life is to embrace love in all its complexity. Interestingly, many of us have never embraced the study of love. This class will dive into defining and discussing different types of love, how to be aware of toxic love, what helps make relationships successful, how our bodies are influenced by love and how to give and receive love more wholeheartedly. 

It will also challenge us to love ourselves, others, and our communities in a more holistic way. 

This class will be a mix of conversation, lecture, and interactive exercises. It is open to everyone.


Shari is a Life Coach and focuses on health and wellness as well as career coaching. She also consults for Balancing Life’s Issues and facilitates webinars and classes on various topics on nutrition, communication, love, relationships and work life balance. 

Previously, she worked in Corporate for 15 years in Human Resources and Program Management and focused primarily on people development. 

In 2007 she lived and worked in Tanzania for two non government organizations and set up new hire practices and retention policies for public health workers. She has also created numerous community service projects, donating supplies to schools and communities in need. 

She received her coaching license from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2008 and took continuing education courses at NYU for Career Coaching. 

Over the last 7 years she immersed herself in various trainings and healing modalities to enhance her skills as a Coach, Mentor, Holistic Health Practitioner and Human. She also facilitates Authentic Relating classes to help people connect more to themselves and be more present with others. 

She has primarily been living outside the US in Asia since 2016.

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