DANCEmandala Movement Meditation

Abigail Carlisle

DANCEmandala is a free-form movement meditation practice that welcomes everyone.  Come explore healing dance and deep connection that is supported by an intuitive and intelligent structure, and carefully curated music.

“DANCEmandala brings us into the flow of stillness in movement, awareness in expression, wisdom in self-knowledge, expansion in consciousness, and the mystery in the ordinary. When we connect with this flow, we become the Flow itself. And by knowing what we are, we’re better able to understand ourselves, others and our inseparable connection to nature. We cultivate life from a place of peace, inner balance, creativity and joy.”

~ Areeradh K Tri-sidda (DANCEmandala Founder and Teacher Trainer)

No dance or meditation experience necessary.

Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing if possible.

Abigail has been dancing and living in Thailand since 2003 and first connected with DANCEmandala in 2013 at the Yoga Tree in Chiang Mai. As a movement meditation and self inquiry practice, DANCEmandala has helped guide Abigail through her many personal and professional experiences while living in Chiang Mai: teaching English and Thai languages, working with organic and natural foods, having her own organic shop / cafe and wellness events venue in Nimman (Star Crystal Organics), and bringing people together through conscious gatherings as an event creator and DJ. She completed her DANCEmandala Level 1 Facilitator training in 2022 and Level 2 in 2023 and enjoys offering DANCEmandala to friends old and new. Abigail now travels between Chiang Mai and southern California, continuing her dance in all areas of life.


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