Daily Self Healing Process


Explore Naiyana’s transformative healing methods, derived from her personal life journey, guiding numerous souls over the years. 

These practices not only nurture inner peace but also offer profound insights into the authentic self. 

Experience a journey towards unconditional love, embracing acceptance, forgiveness, and understanding, all rooted in the Law of Nature or Dhamma. 

Join this workshop to learn step-by-step techniques for inner peace, and receive a daily practice routine designed to clear daily-emerging emotions.

Naiyana’s transformative journey, influenced by traditional eastern shamanism and a Buddhist upbringing, forms a unique foundation for her experiences. Choosing to live authentically in the northern Thailand forest since 2014 signifies a profound connection with nature and a pursuit of a simpler, intentional lifestyle.

Her focus on spiritual growth, peace, and life clarity demonstrates a dedication to inner exploration and self-discovery. Emphasizing a conscious, healthy lifestyle reveals an understanding of the intricate link between mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Acknowledging the psyche’s impact on physical health aligns with holistic wellness beyond conventional practices. Believing in resilience and the ability to grow stronger from challenges reflects a positive mindset. The commitment to reprogramming the mind for inner truth underscores dedication to personal growth and self-realization.

Naiyana’s journey unfolds as a quest for authenticity, spiritual wisdom, and a harmonious way of living. Her experiences and insights have the potential to inspire others on their paths of self-discovery and well-being.


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