Creator Movement

Kaylan Rha

Creator Movement combines sacred ritual, music, dance, and personal reflection to create a uniquely inspiring and activating experience. During this workshop you will be guided into deep awareness and embodied expression, igniting your energy and creating an integrated sense of wholeness and connection.

Creator Movement offers a beautiful space for you to:

~ release held energy and emotions

~ create a deeper connection to your body, mind and spirit

~ spark insights into action beyond the ceremonial space

~ inspire your sense of purpose

Led by Kaylan Rha, one of the founders of Self Craft and Creator Coaching, this work drops you into a profound level of embodiment, presence and inner listening. Creator Movement works with the whole of your being to bring the best of you to life.

What to bring: A meditation cushion, water bottle, journal, pen, colored pencils or pastels, and a piece of paper.

What to wear: comfortable clothing and to create a space where you can dance freely.

Must have: A good sound system or speakers and or ear phones/head set that you can listen to while moving freely in the space.

*The music and myself will be run through the computer audio so please make sure if you are attending this workshop to have wireless ear phones or a good sound system to be able to have a quality sound for the optimal experience.

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