Core & Posture Assessment for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Anna Downs

Pre and Postpartum Movement Specialist

“SERVICE: Core & Posture Assessment

SUITABLE FOR: Anyone who is Pregnant or Postpartum (relevant if you’ve ever given birth regardless of how long ago)


* is struggling with regaining or building core strength

* feels like their tummy still looks pregnant

* is experiencing back, neck or shoulder pain

* suspects they may have Diastasis Recti (separation of the abdominal muscles)

* is experiencing issues with their pelvic floor muscles (leaking, pain, difficulty retaining a tampon etc)

* feels like they have bad posture and doesn’t know what to do about it


* Assessment of posture

* Assessment of core muscle activation

* Assessment of breathing patterns

* Assessment of Diastasis Recti

* Immediate feedback on exercises, mobilizations & strategies to start making an immediate impact

* Bespoke follow up report with explanations & supporting videos of exercises to ensure long term successful implementation

* A discount on any of my other services”

I’m Anna Downs, and I’m passionate about woman’s health and wellness. I’m a UK certified trainer specialising in supporting people through pregnancy and the postpartum period with evidence-based, empowering and effective fitness and movement coaching.  

Over the past 11 years I have supported over 1,000 women, ranging from 6-week pregnant to 16-year postpartum as well as winning a UK national business award, have been featured on British Television and had articles published in mainstream UK media. 

I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you and help support your journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.”



Sally believes life is a journey of self-discovery, self-mastery and growth. Her mission is to empower and support those who desire to re-connect with their inner-selves to heal and make positive transformations in their lives.

She is a certified Crystal Energy Healer offering healing services as Intuitive Crystal Reading, Intuitive Tarot Card Reading, Crystal Reiki Therapy and Past Life Regressions. In 2017, Sally began her transformational spiritual journey. She studied and practiced meditation, psychic development and various energy healing modalities for her own healing and connection with her True Self and the Divine. Her inner-world transformation started to reflect to the outer-world in the most beautiful and loving way. Life became meaningful, joyful and filled with hope for her. It was from all of this that she discovered her sacred calling: To be of service to those who desires to heal and grow in their spiritual journey. Sally also has 9 years of hospitality management experience and 3 years of business development experience in the luxury furniture industry.

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