Conscious Language

John Michael Schmidt

My offering is of Conscious Language, a course I took in 1986 and became certified sometime later as a LANGUAGE OF MASTER INSTRUCTOR and OUTCOME FACILITATOR

My message is so essential to me to share freely as after I completed my 2-day training I received the impetus required for me to start my own organic products brokerage, Sunbelt Organics Inc. which became hugely successful so I could retire early 21 years ago.

I understood that there was nothing to interfere with my success other than my own self-defeating internal and external language patterns.  

After upgrading to a more powerful language I was able to manifest that which I desired with fun and ease.   And, my motto today is “I choose to make this fun and easy.” 

Meet John Michael Schmidt, a Wisconsin native with a dynamic journey that spans diverse roles and experiences. A graduate in Sociology and Psychology in 1965, John served as the Director of Student Employment at the University of Wisconsin and explored fields like Estate Planning, Public Relations, and Youth Services.

From representing Levi Strauss to leading a macrobiotic company, John’s career reflects his passion for varied pursuits. As the creator and CEO of Sunbelt Organics, he ventured into entrepreneurship before retiring early to explore the world.

Now based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, John has been a dedicated teacher of Conscious Language at yoga centers since 2006, extending his wisdom to Star Crystal Organics from 2021 to 2023. Join us to delve into the transformative power of Conscious Language with John Michael Schmidt as our insightful workshop facilitator.

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