Chinese Five Elements Meridians Healing Yoga

Karen Xu

Karen Xu, a compassionate global yoga enthusiast and the organizer of Yoga in the Park Chiang Mai (YITP), who is dedicated to building connections between the world, Chiang Mai, yoga, and yogis.

As a devoted learner and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Karen has spent years empowering students with self-healing by self practice TCM treatments: Acupressure, Health Qigong, Meridians Yoga, and Taoist philosophy.

This Saturday, from 16:30 to 17:45, embark on a journey with Karen to explore the Water Element & Kidneys on physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the kidneys resonate with the water element and referred to as the energetic battery of the body.The kidneys, along with the bladder, play a vital role in regulating body fluids, filtering blood, and storing essential Qi:Jing(精)or life t

essence, contributing to longevity and overall health. Weak kidney energy can lead to a weakened body. 

Energetically, the kidneys are the reservoirs for our unique talents, willpower, and wisdom.

According to TCM anatomy:Meridians pathways,We will target at the kidney and bladder meridians,focus on Spine,inner thighs and Hamstrings,with mindful awareness,Kidneys breathing & cleansing,massage and key points acupressure to pay more attention ,love and gratitude on these vital organs,with classical postures sequence  by spine twisting ,hamstrings inner thighs stretches,backward & forward bends etc,to release the negative emotions such as fear,panic and overwhelmed ,to embody the virtues of water element :peace,tranquility,Strengthen your willpower and wisdom, and experience flexibility and strength as we cleanse meridians for smooth Qi and blood flow.

If you often feel tired and fatigued and would like to have more energy and vitality, this class is made for you! Also help you to face deep fear,release and overcome fear.

Even if you feel well for now,Kidneys and Jing Qi(life essence)nourishment remains essential.Remember that happy kidneys are the key to a healthy and vibrant life.


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