Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Romi Grossberg

We have roughly 60,000 thoughts every day with 90% being repetitive and 80% negative.  Let’s understand more deeply what’s behind these repetitive and negative thoughts; How they form, what they do and what WE can do. 

Through self awareness practice, learning how our brain works, understanding the connection between our choice of words, tone of voice and our body, and learning the 4-Step Process to negate negative thoughts, we can learn to get back in control of our thoughts, emotions, reactions and behaviour. We can learn to have better relationships with ourselves and with others. 


Romi is an author of two self-self books and a qualified counsellor. She specialises in mental health and emotional well-being and is most well-known for breaking down seemingly complex thoughts, issues and situations and making them feel simple, calm and easy to cope and deal with.

With almost twenty years experience counselling adults and teenagers internationally, various professional development training and public speaking, Romi also has an online school of short courses available. 

Romi has numerous qualifications in social work, counselling, mental health, mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and more, from Australia, UK and the US.

Romi works both online and in-person.


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