Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.

Romi Grossberg

How we think and What we think, directly impacts how we Feel. 

We have roughly 60,000 thoughts a day with 90% being repetitive and 80% negative. Understand more deeply HOW we form our thoughts, WHAT they do, HOW they make us FEEL, and what WE can do about it.

Discover how our brain creates patterns and habits, understand the connection between what we say or think, how we say or think it, and our body. With learning good self awareness practice, we CAN understand how to turn our thoughts around. 

Learn the 4-Step Process to negate negative thoughts and get back in control of your thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions and behaviour.

Feel empowered. We CAN learn to have better relationships with ourselves and with others, feel free, balanced and happy.

Romi is a qualified therapist with eighteen years experience specialising in mental health and emotional well-being. She is an international author of two self help books and on the board of directors of Tiny Toones Cambodia, her beloved not-for-profit on which her third book is based. Romi is an international public speaker, SXSW EDU mentor and TEDx presenter. 

Romi is passionate about counselling and professional development and is most well-known for breaking down seemingly complex topics and making them feel simple and easy to cope with – To lead a balanced and fulfilling life.


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