Chakra Pranayama

Radhika Nosbers

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of chakra pranayama—a class designed to harmonize mind, body, and spirit.

We will begin with a grounding chakra meditation, familiarizing with the 7 main chakras and setting the stage for the exploration ahead.

Afterwards we will dive into specialized breathing techniques meticulously tailored for each chakra, fostering stimulation and balance. From the root to the crown, unlock the power of breath to enhance your holistic well-being and unlock your full potential within.

Come as you are, no previous experience needed, comfi clothes are recommended

Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Radhika.
I am on my spiritual journey since my early twenties.

I started to practice Yoga when I was a student, going through phases of elevated stress. Not only did I experience relaxation, strength and resilience during the Yoga practice but also clear and sustainable changes in my life.

In a recent prolonged recovery from an accident the tools of Yoga helped me to maneuver through heavy turbulences and to gain physical, mental and emotional well-being again.

Through focussed and mindful practice I lead my students on their path to balance, inner peace and a cultivation of mindfulness, achieving a strong and flexible mind.

A strong focus on the energetic and spiritual aspects of Yoga helps my students to feel and to develop their energy bodies, expanding into their full energetic and creative potential.
Precise cueing and integration of modern alignment principles is honoring the physical body and it’s needs.
Like this I address my students on all levels of their being – assisting them to attain Yoga, the union between body, mind and spirit, cultivating inner peace and a concentrated mind.

radhikanosbersyoga.com/ insta:radhikanosbers.yoga / fb: radhika nosbers yoga

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