Brainspotting-Family Constellation

Monika Wyss

Allow me to take you on a journey of discovery of your inner and outer world. With curiosity we will explore and transform unhealthy family dynamics and your own unprocessed trauma and emotions which may currently be disturbing the flow of love, health and abundance in your life. Family Constellation and Brainspotting and wonderful modalities which bring change not only on a your conscious level but will integrate the shift in your body and your unconscious. Understanding the influence of your ancestors on your life and allowing your brain to process and transform disruptive patterns will help you to experience a new level of freedom, joy and peace. You can between Family constellation session OR Brainspotting or you can have the best of both worlds and experience both together.


Monika is a founder of Heart Sanctuary in Kuala Lumpur – a holistic centre which offers a variety of courses and sessions for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Since 13 years she’s been working with clients from all walks of life using mostly Family Constellation approach, Hypnotherapy and Trauma work. Looking beneath the surface and finding the root cause of the issue is the main goal of every session. Monika is passionate about guiding her clients through a transformation step by step so that they can embrace their full potential.

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