Boundary Lab

Justin Lee

Are you ready to take control of your life and set healthy boundaries?

Are you wanting to learn how to build more authentic connections with others?

“Boundary Lab” is a workshop for people looking to empower themselves by exploring themes of boundaries, consent, and communication.

Through a combination of guided partnered and group exercises, interactive sharing, somatic practices, and personal reflection, we will experiment with important aspects of setting and enforcing healthy boundaries, and how they relate to relationships, wholeness, and empowerment.

What you’ll gain:

👁️ Self-Awareness: Gain a clearer understanding of your needs, wants, and desires

🌞 Confidence: Empower yourself in personal and professional settings

🌿 Empathy: Learn to better understand and respect your own boundaries

🎭 Emotional Intelligence: Develop the ability to adapt and respond instead of just reacting

💚 Healthy Relationships: Equip yourself with skills to build stable, authentic connections

⭐️ Personal Empowerment: Walk away with practical strategies for maintaining your personal space and emotional well-being

This workshop is open to anyone who is interested in personal growth, professional leadership, and building deeper connections with themselves and others.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a curious mind, open heart, and desire to be present with yourself and others.

With over a decade of experience in interpersonal development and facilitation, Justin supports leaders and seekers navigating modern life’s challenges with a unique blend of practical tools, personal experience, and frameworks such as archetypal leadership, values mapping, boundary building, and conscious relationships.


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