Body Reset through the Perry Method, patterns of Physical transformation

Niki Fekete

Extending the range and precision of movement requires educating the nervous system to do something different at the unconscious level. With the Perry Method you can teach your body and mind to be smarter and function better.

The good news is that everyone has the potential for more effective, graceful movement and more complete comfortable resting states.

Congruent posture and movement patterns not only free up physical power but are an integral part of our mental and emotional processing.

How about changing the way you feel by having the right posture and a better quality of your movement?
How about getting improved posture, mobility, alignment and enhanced activities through very simple and easy movements?

The strategies and methods within the Perry Method aren’t reserved for academics. You don’t need to be a healer, doctor, chiropractor, therapist, coach, trainer or athlete to enjoy its benefits.

If you are a human being possessing a healthy drive to expand your knowledge of the Self, and are deeply curious, willing to explore alternate domains of mind, body and spirit healing, then YOU are the ideal student!


Leaving the corporate life in 2014, Niki pursued her passion to help people overcome life challenges, prevent burn out and reach their maximum potential through coaching & training by using different coaching methodologies, NLP, physical bodywork and mindfulness.

Niki is a certified NLP coach and trainer (certified by Dr. Richard Bandler).
a Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning (certified by Dr. Richard Bandler).
Design Human Engineering practitioner (certified by Dr. Richard Bandler).
Advanced practitioner of Perry Method (Patterns of Physical Transformation) – (certified by Dr. Edie Perry).
Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing (certified by Shima Healing).
Pranic Healing (advanced practitioner and psychotherapy) (certified by Pranic Healing Nederland).
Mindfulness and Meditation trainer (Certified by WPI, Thailand)


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