Balancing with Ayurveda – An Interactive Workshop

Sangeeta Sirinthipaporn

Learn how to live a healthy and wholesome life through the wisdom of Ayurveda, the key to unlock the healing potential within you.  Understanding the principles of Ayurveda helps you understand your true self, thereby giving you access to your strengths and weaknesses, as well as a vital tool to balance them.

This workshop guides you through a series of interactive exercises that gives you an insight to:

  • The key elements that affect your being
  • Imbalances in the elements / bio humours (doshas) 
  • Knowing your body type
  • Charting out a diet and lifestyle regimen to balance on all levels
  • An overview of the appropriate therapies, yoga postures, exercise, gemstone, colours and other additional measures that are best suited to your body type 

Sangeeta Sirinthipaporn started her career in Natural therapies in 1999 with Acupressure Reflexology. As she provided the treatment sessions, she realized the need for incorporating a balanced lifestyle and appropriate diet to achieve complete health and harmony.  Ayurveda filled in this missing link.  It was the key that not only opened doors to numerous Ayurvedic treatments, but also gave her a profound understanding of the root cause of various disorders and the route to eliminate them


Sangeeta passes on the wisdom of natural healing through lectures at universities, workshops and training sessions. Other modalities that complement her therapy sessions are Meridian Therapy, Aromatherapy, CST. However, Ayurvedic Principles form the backbone of her therapies, whereby each client is guided through a series of therapies, a diet plan, exercise program and lifestyle balancing measures to synchronize oneself on all levels, from the physical to the subtle. 


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