Ayurveda for Menstrual Health

Saskia Mahler

Unleash the power of your womb by aligning your body and mind with the natural rhythm of your cycle. Say good-bye to monthly mood swings, cramps and even worse, PCOS and endo by using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda together with Yoga Therapy for PTSD for you, your womb, your feminine. For all women regardless of age.

Saskia Mahler is a Diplom Ayurvedic & Yogic Scientist, specialized in Menstrual Health aswell as Yoga for PTSD.
She has been working as a Yoga Facilitator for more than a decade, guided hundreds of students into deeper spiritual embodiment and over the course of the past 5 years specialized in guiding women back into their own self healing by using the proven methods of Ayurveda and Yoga Therpay.
Her trauma-informed approach helps women heal the deep root cause of their menstrual misalignments.
The Ayurvedic wisdom guides women into a holistic, individualized lifestyle creation that serves longejevity and well-being in a sustainable way.

She offers personalized 1:1 sessions of 6 months and a variety of group programs for the specific period problems women encounter.

Her motto in work is: Not practical? Not spiritual!


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