Authentic Relating

Yaniv Rose


LONG for deeper connections?

Feel TIRED of small talk?

Often feel DRAINED with other people?

Want to be SEEN, HEARD and VALUED for exactly who you are?

Authentic Relating is a revolutionary set of embodied practices that allow you to interact with ease and grace, in any connection. 

Named the YOGA OF CONNECTION, these practices are meant to facilitate deeper, more meaningful connections between you and yourself, and between you and others.

Come experience the art of being human.


Yaniv Rose feels like TOO MUCH and NOT ENOUGH at the same time 🙂

They are a Certified Authentic Relating Facilitator with 3 years and hundreds of hours of experience leading transformative group experiences.

One of Yaniv’s biggest passions is to create containers for humans to connect and express all of their parts. Their deepest being. To heal in community, and help people supercharge their communication skills. And by proxy, their lives.


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