Astrology Reading | Breathwork Session

Ryan Clayton

Astrology Reading:
Here we dive into the fundamentals of your natal chart. The unresolved karma you’ve come into this lifetime with and the lessons that your soul has incarnated to learn. We cover your governing archetypal energies and the influence each of the planets has in your chart. We will also look at your internal masculine and feminine and the divine union between them. All helping you move towards your purpose/mission in this lifetime.
The attendees will be asked to provide date/time/location of birth.

Breathwork Sessions:
Breathwork is an active meditation practice that cleanses the body of stuck energy. This practice acts as an internal power wash for stuck emotions, experiences, and beliefs. During this virtual healing session, we’ll use a repetitive breath pattern to flush the body with oxygen and drop into an altered state to clear the energetic body. We’ll come together and release whatever it is that’s been gripping your attention, your breath, and your heart. Breathwork is a tool for safely diving into your internal world to experience release, freedom, and heightened clarity. Please note that this session is not suitable for for pregnancies or individual with heart conditions.


Ryan Clayton is a Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, and Astrologer based in Bangkok. With a holistic, yet down-to-earth approach to wellness and spirituality, he helps people uncover what’s blocking them, increase their worthiness, and expand their subconscious beliefs so they can stop self-sabotaging and start living a life beyond their wildest imagination.

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