Art of Masculine Boundaries

Justin Lee

Are you ready to take control of your life and set healthy boundaries?
Are you wanting to learn how to build more authentic connections with others?
If so, come join us for the “Art of Masculine Boundaries” workshop!

This workshop is designed for men who are looking to empower themselves through exploring the themes of boundaries, presence, and brotherhood.

Through a combination of partnered and group exercises, interactive sharing, and personal reflection, we will dive deep into the importance of setting and enforcing healthy boundaries, and how it relates to relationships, purpose, and empowerment.

This workshop is open to all men who are interested in self-discovery, leadership, and building deeper connections with themselves and others. Please arrive with warm heart and a willingness to share and be present.

More about Justin Lee:

A dedicated advocate for men’s development for over a decade, Justin understands the unique challenges men face in today’s modern world.
Through his coaching, workshops, and online offerings, Justin helps men tap into their full potential and create lives that are authentic, deep, and fulfilling.
Justin brings a unique combination of practical tools, personal experience, and a holistic approach to help men navigate new paradigms of relationships, collective evolution, and heart-led leadership in a changing world.

His vision is for a world where men are empowered to lead lives that are true to themselves, bring joy to those around them, and have access to the support they need for their mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


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