Art Journaling: Emotion Mapping

Niamh (Neve) Dickson

Art Journaling: Emotion mapping

Take time out of your day to recenter, reflect and and draw out your emotions and feelings.

In this workshop we will start with journal prompts to help us focus. Then we get creative using doodle art to explore our emotions with colors and shapes. 

I hope you will join me in this creative play workshop and see what shows up on your page. 

No previous art experience needed.


My name is Niamh (Neve) Dickson and I am a Canadian living and working in Bangkok. 

I am an Art Therapist, a school counselor and an art educator who helps clients work through the messy yet beautiful life we all live. I have my Masters in Educational Psychology and I am a certified Canadian Art Therapist. 

I am an expatriate and have lived overseas for 8 years, I am currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. 

My work has been with children and adults using art therapy and/or talk therapy to help people work through life’s many twists and turns. 

Art Therapy is a tool I use often because it gives people space to explore, discover, and process through the many ups and downs we experience in life. 


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