Art and Expressive Therapy

Rachel Szewczuk

Art therapy, or creating art in general is the sensory or cathartic experience. This allows sections of our brain to open up, specifically in the amygdala right brain hemisphere region. Come join me to create, explore internally and express externally.

This space will not only be a place for you to be creative in any way you like, but a space for you to open up anything that might need working through, creating about, or if you feel comfortable talking about – it does not always have to involve negative thoughts if you have something you want to celebrate come join also 🙂

For this session you can bring your own art materials – these can include traditional materials – pens, pencils, markers, paints etc., or sculpture materials, recycled materials, collage, flower arranging, sky’s the limit! We will be able to create together through a digital space, which is safe, non-judgemental and confidential. It includes a warm-up intro and check-in, creative exploration time, and wrap up with a small reflection and your interpretation of your work and how you were feeling during the process and anything you gained during this process.

You will also receive take away directives and others emailed to you upon completion.

Looking forward to meeting you and experiencing the journey of art therapy, self expression and communicating through the creative lens.


Rachel obtained her Master’s in Art Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and has 6 years experience working with children, adolescents and adults as a registered Art Therapist (ATR) and Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State if Hawaii (LMHC). She has worked alongside various populations of individuals with varying diagnosis; these include: anxiety and depressive disorders, mood and personality disorders, schizophrenia spectrum, autism spectrum, cognitive and neuro-developmental disorders, attachment disorders, grief and bereavement, PTSD and CPTSD and acute and chronic trauma, sex trafficking cases and just recently working on three adult units mainly helping individuals with dual and complex diagnosis with extreme addictions and domestic violence cases. Running alongside that I moved to Hawaii to help create a Trauma Informed Care Program for the girls adolescent unit.

She has worked in various settings including educational, psychiatric hospitals, in home, NGO’s, prisons and shelters. Rachel has a license to practice both art therapy and mental health counseling as well as GMI Music Imagery Certification and well as her Trauma Informed Care EXAT Certification. I am currently living and practicing privately on the island of O’ahu, Hawai’i. I conduct in home therapy and individual sessions using a combination of MST, Art Therapy, Expressive Art Therapy, Somatic Practice, Eco-Therapy, Sensory Play Therapy, Sound Therapy, Mindful Art Therapy, ACT and most humanistic approaches.

Living in Hawai’i has been a dream come true and on top of private clients I am pursuing a part time career as a professional florist. If you can’t find me painting, arranging flowers, hiking, swimming at the beach or snorkeling; you will for sure find me under the sea.

All sessions will be online, unless you do indeed live on O’ahu or are visiting please let me know. I will be offering an introduction to art therapy.

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