Anatomy of the Core - Tantien Core Method

Lidia de la Garza

Our CORE is from both, anatomically and energetically perspectives, one of the most important parts of our bodies, yet not being cared of properly.

ANATOMY OF THE CORE is an introductory workshop that will help you to gain a deeper understanding on how you can take care of it in a more efficient way, demystifying some traditional practices that might be causing you harm instead of getting benefits from them.


What you’ll learn?

  • What’s your CORE – beyond your abdominal muscles 
  • Risk of some traditional abdominal exercises 
  • Anatomical principles of the practice
  • Postural patterns
  • Breathing patterns
  • A simple yet POWERFUL sequence developed by physiotherapists (hypopressive technique) to help decreasing abdominal pressure

Benefits of practicing Tantien Core Method:

Tones your pelvic floor

Strengthens your deep abdominal muscles

Improve your sexual life

Reduces waist and abdominal fat

Improves posture 

Helps with back pain recovery 

Improve mobility and flexibility

Great Postpartum recovery and abdominal diastasis recti (abdominal separation)

Strengthens your respiratory system

Improves digestion and helps with colitis, constipation, hemorrhoids 

Activates your metabolism

Reduces stress and anxiety

Better emotional management

Sleep better

Clarity and mental harmony

Why this is a great OPPORTUNITY to invest in your long-term well-being?

Improving your quality of life, especially if you have been suffering from back pain, incontinence, sexual dysfunctions, and chronic stress.

Saving on expensive medicines and/or treatments that doesn’t really work in the possible root cause of the problem.

You’ll have the chance to learn step by step in a fun and easy way 

You’ll practice and experience this simple yet POWERFUL technique 

You’ll have the chance to ask any doubts related to the topic and your practice


– No or previous experience required equipment required 👏

Contraindications: pregnancy, hypertension and any other medical indication that suggests avoiding physical movement and/or exercise


My name is Niamh (Neve) Dickson and I am a Canadian living and working in Bangkok. 

I am an Art Therapist, a school counselor and an art educator who helps clients work through the messy yet beautiful life we all live. I have my Masters in Educational Psychology and I am a certified Canadian Art Therapist. 

I am an expatriate and have lived overseas for 8 years, I am currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. 

My work has been with children and adults using art therapy and/or talk therapy to help people work through life’s many twists and turns. 

Art Therapy is a tool I use often because it gives people space to explore, discover, and process through the many ups and downs we experience in life. 


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