1. Akashic Records Reading (1-2 questions for 30 min sessions) 

Obtain the clarity in all areas of life

Our soul has been travelling through infinite journeys lifetime after lifetime for its evolution.  The records of each soul has been kept in the soul library in multi-dimensional etheric space called “Akasha”.  Akashic Records Reading is a tool, with the permission of the querent, to tap into the soul records to find and obtain the answers that the person is looking for through channelling.

Akashic Record Reading can give you a very deep, insightful answer from finding about your soul purpose until any particular personal issue that needs clarity and direction.

The clients are invited to come with a specific open-end question that are not for “yes-no” answers.

  1. Astro Tarot Reading (30min)

Gain insightful understanding of your current life situations. Life is a constant journey that brings joyful and challenging situations. Astro tarot is a unique technique interfacing Tarot with Astrology reveal important insights and creative solutions. Use the broader understanding that emerges in your reading to improve all aspects of your life. With clarity comes the peace of mind to make positive decisions. 

  1. Planetary Wash Energy Healing- The Seraphic Tour of the Solar System (30 min on Sunday)

Embodying Positive Planetary Energy into our Human Experience

This ancient astro-technology channels vibrational energy from the planets in our solar system and is part of the Seraphim Blueprint.

In this unique modality, Seraphic Technology draws on a planet’s positive attributes and highest vibrations, and bestows these qualities with divine intelligence.

The energies work on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, intuitively adapting to each individual’s needs. Through the embodiment of celestial energy, we can use a Planetary Wash to uplift our earthly existence – from experiencing astrological transits in a beneficial way and alleviating the outcome of challenging aspects, to healing and nurturing wellbeing, and supporting our spiritual growth.

Born in Bangkok and offering my gifts all around the world, it is a privilege to share 20 years’ experience in yoga, meditation, energy healing and holistic therapies. Inspired to bring self-healing for body, mind, spirit and emotions, I nurture and support each person to live a happy, healthy, bountiful life, in alignment with their divine soul purpose.

Since 2007, Fulfilling my calling to help others on their soul growth journey, I offer private clients and groups a range of sessions, workshops and healing therapies as a qualified practitioner of Yoga, Breathing, Meditation and Visualisation, Moon Sister Circle, Journey Dance, Integrative Reiki, Akashic Records, Aura-Soma Colour Therapy, Crystal Healing and Astro-Tarot Card Reading. Combining my passion for astrology, I have also been attuned to the “Seraphic Tour of the Solar System – Planetary Washes”.

“A true healing is not about shining the light upon anyone, but to support each person to tap into their own light and shine from within.” – Jamilah



My name is Valeria Kechichian, I was born in Argentina 41 years ago and have been living in Europe for the past 20 years.

I was always able to read people’s energy and in 2017 my amazing teacher Rebeca Lacasa introduced me to the Akashic Records, which changed my life forever. Since then, I’ve been assisting the healing process of many people around the world.

I share what I channel, spiritual knowledge, healing techniques, tips to live more consciously and guided meditations in a bimonthly newsletter called AKASHA (akasha.substack.com).

I also run my non-profit Longboard Women United that brings basic aid, healing and empowerment into some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. Some of our programs run in India, Malaysia and Belgium.

This work has been featured in all major media worldwide and I’ve given two TEDx Talks.

Assisting and in-service of the Planetary ascension process.

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