Achieving Financial Harmony for Emotional Well-being

Lena Girmain

This session is designed to help participants understand the connection between financial health and mental wellness. “Financial Harmony for Emotional Well-being” will be a transformative workshop designed to help participants develop a healthier relationship with their finances and in turn, improve their mental health. Learn what a money mindset is and its role in your life.

Understand and learn how overcoming your common beliefs and myths around money can change the behaviours that are keeping you stuck in your current situation.

This workshop is for those experiencing financial avoidance, anxiety or uncertainty when dealing with money matters or anyone looking to create a more harmonious relationship with their finances.

Gain practical strategies and insights to foster financial mindfulness, reduce stress, and achieve a sense of financial control and peace of mind. 

As a financial coach and accountability facilitator I help individuals develop their financial literacy to navigate their financial wellbeing and reach their financial goals.

A finance professional with 15 years of global experience in banking and financial services sector, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, whilst my extensive background in customer profiling within the banking sector allows me to provide practical and strategic methods to implement in order to develop healthier actions and behaviour with your money.


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