A Journey Of YOU (J.O.Y) with Human Design

Aw-ee Pakamon

This workshop will guide you A Journey Of YOU (aka J.O.Y) and show you how to live more SATISFACTION, PEACE, SUCCESS, SURPRISE and JOY just being YOU. You may have heard that “We are spiritual beings having a human experience”. 

Human Design will show you how that works. And if you once doubt how the Mind, Body & Spirit work in harmony. You will see how it is through Human Design Lens profoundly. Moreover, you will be guided how to ALIGN with your Energetic Blueprint and the essential way to increase your Self-Awareness. People who are on the spiritual path to self discovery or working with their shadow will gain the most benefit from this workshop.  

Please prepare your own Human Design chart before attending the workshop. You can access your chart at https://www.jovianarchive.com/get_your_chart

Human Design & Gene Keys Practitioner, Self-studied for almost 3 years of experience and still in the journey of contemplation. Also support people on their spiritual path to self discovery through Energetic Blueprint Reading. My work approaches in 3 main pillars : Self-Awareness, Self-Love & Self Care. 

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