5 elements Qigong

Ahma Manon

“Explore Daoist 5 Elements Qigong—an invigorating journey. Release pathogenic energies with mindful movements, sounds and visualization. Nurture your organs in seamless harmony: Metal lungs, Water kidneys, Wood liver, Fire heart, Earth spleen. Mindfully regulate these elements for balanced vital energies and a joyous sense of well-being.”

 Manon *Ahma”, a skilled practitioner with over 20 years of holistic healing expertise, She navigates physical and emotional challenges through a comprehensive blend of hands-on and energy-related therapies.. Her architectural background shaped her mind to merge the Eastern, Western and Quantum Healing Medecines to overcome her own neurological and physical chalenges that left her unable to function in the world for many years. Now based in Koh Phangan for the last 4 years, she teaches self healing in person or online and offers hands on bodyword sessions focused on neuro-plasticity and postural alligment as well as trauma release through the organ tissues. She guides you towards optimal healing and sustainable well-being.

https://web.facebook.com/manon.harvey3/ https://web.facebook.com/bodyofchi/

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